Levello Lights

Levello's patented magnetic system allows luminaires, sensors and other ceiling accessories to be fitted into the ceiling with minimal visual impact, meaning these fitting are vitrtually invisible 

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Infinite Possibilities

Levello uses a housing which is fitted permanently into the ceiling, different styles of fittings or ‘inserts’ are placed in the housing and held in by magnets, a front plate completes the flat finish.

As a result, Levello is versatile, allowing the user to change a downlight, to a pendent, to a spot light or even blank out the position completely in seconds.

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Product Types 

Low Profile

Low profile downlight fits into the smallest of ceiling voids. In its smallest configuration it can comfortably be installed into a 55mm ceiling void, the lamp is simply held in between the magnets.

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Deep low glare downlight, positions the light source 1” above the surface of the ceiling. This eliminates a direct view of the light source to produce a softer aesthetic, where light appears in the desired area.

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Completely trim-less Directional downlight can rotate through 360° and can tilt up to 35° from the downward vertical, yet still remain completely flush with the ceiling even at the maximum tilt. 

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Invisible by design

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