Levello - Modular, Flexible, invisible

an overview of the Levello system

Unrivalled Flexibility

The Levello system is highly adaptable and can meet a variety of needs and requirements in a way that is unmatched. Levello's customers expect the best finish in all their architectural needs. Levello is a luxury lighting system which provides so many unique possibilities to room schemes.


A Quick Overview

At the heart of what makes Levello unique is Levello's patented fixing system.  Levello uses a housing which  is fitted permanently into the ceiling; and different styles of fittings or 'inserts' are placed into the housing and held in by magnets; a front plate completes the flat finish.

Our Downlight Range

Our range of down lights with options for Fire Rating, IP 65, adjustable and recessed lighting is simple to use and install.

Combined with a range of light sources from GU10 to 98 CRI light engines Levello products work for many different applications and budgets.

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Spotlights and Pendants

The versatility of Levello allows the user to change a down light, to a pendent, to a spot light or even blank-out the position completely, in seconds.  Just decide if the product needs to be fire rated or not.  The choices are endless. 

Spotlights            Pendants

Speakers, PIR's and Fire Detection

Not only lighting but the levello range encompasses ceiling accessories designed to be as discrete as possible.

PIR's        Fire Detection        AV


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Levello is a UK based manufacturing company, we make our products at our factory in Hertfordshire and are passionate about the environment. view our green guide for information on how the circular economy is central to our ethos as a company