Housing Installation - Minimal Trim Housings

First Fix

How to install our Minimal Trim Range of Housings


The installation process of our Minimal trim housings is not unlike other light fittings, however you do need an accurate 62mm hole.

It is easy to install our products well, however you need to take a little bit of care, it may take a minute longer but the results will be much better.

Tools Required

Tools you will need are: 

  • 62mm circular holesaw
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver 

you may want to use our holesaw stabaliser

Cut Hole

Cut a 62mm Hole as it needs to be a snug fit for our housing

Fit Connector

Fit the supply connector to the cable

Install Housing

Push the housing into the hole and then twist to lock into place

Put in insert

Plug in connector and push the insert into housing .

Cut Hole

It is important that you cut a reasonably accurate hole without cracking the plaster as the hole is what holds the housing in the ceiling.

This is not difficult, just hold the drill straight and let the holesaw do the work rather than pushing hard to get it done in 10 seconds rather than 30 seconds.

Fit the connector

Take the Connector's cap off, fit the supply cable as shown in the image opposite, fit the earth cable of the housing into the the earth terminal,

The fitting of the housing earth cable into the connector ensures the earthing of the housing (although it is insulated) but also secures the supply connector to the housing for ease of locating the connector.

 Repace the Connector cap. 

Fit the Housing into the ceiling

Push the housing into the holeit will be an interference fit, so will be a little tight.

then turn the housing anit-clockwise to lock it in place, the wings will bite into the plasterboard ensuring a secure fit.


Install insert

The insert is pushed into the housingand secured in place by our magnetic fixing system.

See below for individual insert types

Second Fix installation

Click on the links below for instructions / Video's Second Fix installation of your insert

IP 65 Downlights