Creating a Circular Economy

Levello has built the circular economy into the heart of its products.  Levello manufactures luminaries  and light sources at its factory in Hertfordshire, UK.

All our light-fittings and our Natural range of light sources come with a 20 year repair and re-use guarantee.

Our 20 year service guarantee enables products to be re-used - after "re-manufacturing" reducing the amount for natural resources consumed by our company.

The circular economy in practice

The Levello housing, uniquely, stays in the ceiling and a new light fitting or another of the Levello Range can be inserted into the same housing.

Our unique plug & play system is designed to last a lifetime, our products will easily accommodate new lighting technologies of the future

After our Natural light engine has reached the end of its lifetime, simply return the product to us, we will replace the LED and using the rest of the components, re-manufacture, re-commission and re-supply as a new product

Linear Economy

Natural resources are turned into products which are ultimately destined to become waste because of the way they have been designed and manufactured.  This process is often summarised by 'take, make and waste'.

Recycling Economy

When designing and developing our products, we are conscious of having  'longer use' and "multiple lifetimes" in mind.  Extended the products lifespan beyond one "Product lifetime" is better for the environment and our clients.

Circular Economy

Levello has built the circular economy  into the heart of its productsand now we will re-manufacture some of our products. We have started supplying products made onsite using additive manufacturing processes and are working with our suppliers to improve the re-use of products which we don't manufacture ourselves.


Levello have incorporated the TM66 methodology, which is a new Circular Economy Assesment Method, designed to specify, a triage tool for designers, specifiers and engineers, allowing the quick comparison of two or more lighting products.

Levello's ethos goes hand in hand with this methodology. TM66 is at the heart of Levello's principles

The Linear Manufacturing Process

In the past raw materials were extracted from resource countries, transported to manufacturing powerhouses, such as China, and processed into various products .This process is called the Linear Manufacturing process.

At Levello we are applying systems which allow us to reduce the LMP and enable us to source more local materials and use additive manufacturing methods; at every point re-use, re-cycle and review our processes.